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International Organizations and their Headquarters

International Organizations and their Headquarters | विश्व के महवत्पूर्ण अंतर्राष्ट्रीय संगठन एवं उनके मुख्यालयों का नाम

On this page we are going to publish International Organizations and their Headquarters placewise so that our readers can easily familiar with the questions and find answers of his own choice. Now a day, the role of International Organizations is very important because it keeps continuous watch and finally assists the needy countries who are down to earth and fighting for their basic amenities and rights. Thesedays there are several questions that are asked in every examination based on the List of International Organizations and their Headquarters. Here provides the List of International Organizations and their Headquarters. These list are well arranged and beautifully presented by examination specialists to assist our readers who want to crack banking & its related exams. The International Organizations and their Headquarters list may be looking sometimes boring but definitely helpful for our readers those who are preparing for various competitive examinations. Good luck & keep reading…..

List of Headquarters in New York (USA)

UNO               :           United nations organization

UNICEF         :           United Nations International Children Emergency Fund

UNFPA          :           United Nations Population Fund

UN                  :           United Nations

List of Headquarters in Geneva(Switzerland)

WHO              :           World Health Organization

WTO               :           World Trade Organization

UNCTAD       :           United Nations Conference on Trade and Development

WMO              :           World Meteorological Organization

ICRC              :           International Committee of the Red Cross

ILO                  :           International Labor Organization

ITU                  :           International Telecommunications Union

WIPO              :           World Intellectual Property Organization

List of Headquarters in Washington, DC (USA)

WB                  :           World Bank

IMF                 :           International Monetary Fund

IBRD              :           International Bank for Reconstruction and Development

IDA                 :           International Development Association

IFC                  :           International Finance Corporation

List of Headquarters in Vienna(Austria)

OPEC             :           Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries

UNIDO           :           United Nations Industrial Development Organization

IAEA               :           International Atomic Energy Agency

List of Headquarters in London(UK)

IMO                 :           International Maritime Organization

AI                    :           Amnesty International Commonwealth of Nations

UNESCO       :           United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (PARIS-France)

List of Headquarters at Various Places

SAARC          :           South Asian Association for Regional Cooperation (Kathmandu-Nepal)

ADB                :           Asian Development bank (Manila-Philippines)

ASEAN          :           Association of Southeast Asian Nations (Jakarta-Indonesia)

NATO             :           North Atlantic Treaty Organization (Brussels-Belgium)

APEC             :           Asia-Pacific Economic Cooperation (Singapore)

ICJ                  :           International Court of Justice (Hague-Netherlands)

FAO                :           Food and Agriculture Organization (Rome-France)

IFAD               :           International Fund for Agricultural Development (Rome-France)

ICAO              :           International Civil Aviation Organization (Montreal)

UPU               :           Universal Postal Union (Berne- Switzerland)

ADB                :           African Development Bank (Abidjan -C te d Ivoire)

ACU               :           Asian Clearing Union (Teheran)

WAEC            :           West African Economic Community (Ouagadougou)

International Organizations and their Headquarters
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