Currencies of Different Countries

Currencies of Different Countries | विश्व के प्रमुख देश एवं उनकी मुद्राओं की सूची

As we know, the Currencies of Different Countries play significant role in deciding ongoing economy trend in future. Likewise the role of currency is very important in Competitive Examinations because many questions are asked that are based on the name of Currencies of Different Countries. Here provides the list of Currencies of Different Countries especially designed by examination specialists to assist our readers who want to crack banking & its related exams. The list may be looking huge & sometimes boring but definitely helpful for those who are preparing for competitive examinations. Currencies of Different Countries list is arranged alphabetically, so that one can easily find currency name countrywise of his own choice. Good luck & keep reading…..

Starting with ‘A’

Afghanistan              :           Afghani

Algeria                       :           Dinar

Argentina                  :           Austral

Australia                    :           Dollar

Austria                       :           Euro

Starting with ‘B’

Belgium                     :           Euro

Bolivia                        :           Boliviano

Brazil                          :           Real

Starting with ‘C’

Canada                      :           Dollar

Chad                         :           Franc

Chile                          :           Peso

China                         :           Yuan

Columbia                   :           Peso

Congo                        :           Franc

Costa Rica                :           Colon

Cuba                          :           Peso

Czechoslovakia       :           Koruna

Starting with ‘D’

Denmark                    :           Krone

Djibouti                      :           Franc

Dominican Rep        :           Peso

Starting with ‘E’

Ecuador                     :           Dollar

Egypt                          :           Pound

Starting with ‘F’

Fiji                               :           Dollar

Finland                      :           Euro

France                       :           Euro

Starting with ‘G’

Germany                    :           Euro

Ghana                        :           Cedi

Greece                       :           Euro

Guinea                       :           Ranc

Guyana                      :           Dollar

Starting with ‘H’

Haiti                            :           Gourde

Hong Kong               :           Dollar

Hungary                    :           Forint

Starting with ‘I’

Iceland                       :           Krona

India                           :           Rupee

Indonesia                  :           Rupiah

Iraq                             :           Dinar

Ireland                        :           Euro

Israel                          :           Shekel

Italy                             :           Euro

Ivory Coast                :           Franc

Starting with ‘J’

Jamaica                     :           Dollar

Japan                         :           Yen

Jordan                        :           Dinar

Starting with ‘L’

Lebanon                    :           Pound

Luxembourg             :           Euro

Starting with ‘M’

Malawi                       :           Kwacha

Malaysia                    :           Ringgit

Maldives                    :           Rufiyaa

Malta                          :           Euro

Mauritania                 :           Ouguiya

Mauritius                   :           Rupee

Mexico                       :           Peso

Morocco                     :           Dirham

Starting with ‘N’

Nepal                         :           Rupee

Netherlands              :           Euro

New Zealand            :           Dollar

Norway                      :           Krone

Starting with ‘P’

Pakistan                    :           Rupee

Philippines                :           Peso

Poland                       :           Zloty

Portugal                     :           Euro

Starting with ‘Q’

Qatar                          :           Riyal

Starting with ‘R’

Romania                    :           Leu

Starting with ‘S’

Saudi Arabia             :           Riyal

Singapore                 :           Dollar

South Africa              :           Rand

South Korea             :           Won

Spain                         :           Euro

Sri Lanka                   :           Rupee

Sudan                         :           Dinar

Switzerland               :           Franc

Syria                           :           Pound

Starting with ‘T’

Taiwan                       :           Dollar

Thailand                    :           Baht

Turkey                        :           Lira

Starting with ‘U’

United Arab Emir     :           Dirham

United Kingdom       :           Pound

United States            :           Dollar

Uruguay                    :           Peso

Starting with ‘V’

Venezuela                :           Bolivar

Vietnam                     :           Dong

Starting with ‘W’

Western Samoa       :           Tala

Starting with ‘Z’

Zambia                       :           Kwacha

Zimbabwe                 :           Dollar

Currencies of Different Countries
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